The Grumbla Raid

As the days passed, the events of Arrival Day * were the subject of intense discussion through out Lyonesse. While the orbs were immediately taken (along with the comet itself) as a sign of some cataclysm to come, the portend of a demonic conspiracy against the righteous, no direct physical connection between these heavenly signs and the earthly world was yet established. All of this began to change with the  first encounters near Grumbla where several farmsteads and woodcutter shacks were burned and their inhabitants slaughtered.

Grumbla is in the interior of Lyonesse north and west of Penzance and lies on the very edge of the great forest of the same name. Breathless survivors began to appear in villages near Gumbla telling nigh unbelievable tales of the attack by creatures that could only be the very spawn of Hell. Word of what was now being called “The Grumbla Raid” spread like fleas on a feral cat and within hours reached the ears of the Marchal Lieutenant of Lyonesse.

A man of stern demeanor and decisive action, his response would be immediate and unambiguous.


* The  term “Arrival Day” for the first appearance of the orbs was only applied much later but it’s use is convenient to to help us understand the sequence of events.

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